Custom Drupal Page


I have the drupal module working correctly in a test environment with an internal radius server through the ?q=hotspot redirect in the coova firmware.

I am unfamiliar with drupal. How can I customize the hotspot page? I have successfully changed themes and such, but I would like to add additional content.

Also, is it possible to redirect to different hotspot pages? Ideally it would be nice for sites to access their own login page.

Finally, when the user logs in successfully through drupal, can they be redirected automatically to a custom page?


Re: Custom Drupal Page

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate all the work being put into this project.
Both Drupal and Coova are new to me, but it seems to have a lot of potential.

Re: Custom Drupal Page

The module should have a 'block' for login instead of the current hardcoded (but themable) page there is now... A lot of work will be done soon on the hotspot module, and always interested to hear from those wanting to help out coding it!