returning badquery instead of login page

I just installed drupal 6.11 with hotspot-6.x-1.x-dev and CoovaChilli 1.0.13.

Everything seems to be working ok. When I open my web browser, I am redirected to the drupal hotspot module page but instead of getting the login page, I am directly redirected to a "Page not found" with an URL similar to" target="_blank

Doing a few test with the URL accessed (taken from the log of the server), it seems that its the "uamport" parameter in the URL that cause this problem.

Is this caused by a configuration problem ? Any idee how to fix it ?
Thanks !

Drupal Hotspot - chillispot - ddwrt not work

Ok, this is my system :
DD-WRT (v2.4) with chilli enabled. Drupal 5.x, hotspot module 1.5.x.
Drupal Hotspot Settings :
Hotspot enabled : True
Method of Login : JavaScript Controller
Redirect to page : (none / blank)
UAMSecret : (none / blank)
Radius : CHAP
Hotspot Provisioning : No automatic provisioning

Drupal is hostid using lampp server on slackware machine with ip

When wireless client connected, then client is redirected to "Page Not Found"

The same situation when I change Redirect method : Browser Redirect

Any solutions for this error ? Is this module not support chillispot (especially on dd-wrt router)?

Re: returning badquery instead of login page

Actualy its working if I use the "browser redirects" login method with a UAM secret.

What is the differance between "browser redirects" and "javascript controller" ? Is one method better than another ?

After login, I get a drupal page that contain a link to the webpage that I wanted to access. Is there a way to be directly redirected to that webpage, after login, instead of getting the drupal page ?

Didn't work yet

I added a UAM secret in both chilli conf and Drupal Hotspot config. But, client still redirected to "Page could not be found"
I have not tried version "JavaScript Controllers"
Where can I find drupal error log?
Sorry fo bad english.
Thank you very much
Edit : I'm using Chillispot on DD-WRT, whether there are significant differences between chillispot and coova chilli?

Turn off the "Check URL for

Turn off the "Check URL for tampering" feature as this isn't supported in old chillispot. The JavaScript controller also is unique to CoovaChilli (as are sooo many other features and fixes!)