maven repository is not working

I'm encountering an issue when I try to use the maven repository The dependencies cannot be resolved.
When I try to open the repository location in my browser I'm getting the following message:
AccessDeniedAccess DeniedF920DB1C3ECBFF93y0wVfLp8M6IXP4LWv16GjBFosyTeaE/Kp6+IrFy9xglcNrXZ6Vbae30d5swKM1D3

You've probably resolved this

You've probably resolved this given the age of the post, but in case you haven't and for other people reading: a work around.

There are only a handful (6 if I remember correctly?) of jars that maven isn't able to get. They are relatively easy to find if you just google the name of the .jar file. Somewhere in the maven output is a line that tells you how to install the jar file into the local repo after downloading it. Do that for each of the jars that it can't get, and then the source build will complete successfully.