MAC based custom login page


I'm trying to implement a custom page redirect based on mac address using the drupal hotspot module.

Can anyone suggest how this is done or point me in the direction of some docs.



I'm curious if you've made

I'm curious if you've made any progress here. I've been able to get username/password authentication working, and also MAC-based auth too using the Hotspot module. Likewise, the Ubercoova module does provide some integration with Drupal user table, but it doesn't appear to do unified sign-on (e.g. logging into RADIUS also logs into Drupal). That actually may not be desired, since Drupal login does require a database query, which could slow down RADIUS auth.

At any rate, from what I've seen so far, additional custom module code would be required to give Drupal access to data like the user MAC to build a customized portal page.