Can anyone please help me, configuring ÜberCoova in drupal.

About ÜberCoova

ÜberCoova is designed to act as glue between Drupal, the CoovaChilli hotspot suite and Ubercart for people who use FreeRADIUS with a MySQL backend.

If you are using CoovaRADIUS, the hotspot module offers this integration already and you should use that instead.

The ÜberCoova project currently contains the following functionality:

A Coova login form created via formapi.
Drupal logins for FreeRADIUS users.
Drupal users can view their CoovaChilli sessions.
Drupal users can purchase blocks of download quota via Ubercart.
Drupal administrators can view CoovaChilli sessions details.
Drupal administrators can disconnect CoovaChilli users via Drupal.
Drupal administrators can block or delete CoovaChilli users via Drupal.

Ubercoova installation issue

After the database configuration,

Ubercoova asks to select RADIUS Check Table. After selecting the "radcheck" I get the following issue

  • The anonymous menu link must have a title.
  • Please enter a price per GB

Can Anyone help!