Daily password generator for hotspot users

I post this because somewhere i read that ideas for improvements could also be posted. What are your ideas, experience on this :

To deny abuse of the system , heavy downloading , etc... it would be nice to have a certain validity of a username or password. For example 24 hrs ?

Or if we could auto generate a random password for a specific user.
example for the username lounge
on 2007-06-05 the password is feelgoodtoday
on 2007-06-06 the password is feelbettertoday
on 2007-06-08 the password is itsweekend

and so on.... the password could easaly be emailed from a cron shell.
Where are the usernames and passwords stored on the OpenWRT-COOVA system?

thanks again,

Re: Daily password generator for hotspot users

Yes! suggestions are always welcome... code contributions are even better ;)
Yeah, the one day password has been mentioned before, doable now, but only manually in the web interface. It wouldn't be a very difficult cron script I suppose, but you wouldn't want to use dictionary words (dictionaries too big), but could use just random hex values, for example. The local users file is /etc/chilli/localusers.