I'm in a bit of a pickle here.

I flashed with CoovaAP earlier today - it was working great.

Then, in an effort to get traffic shaping to work (see this thread:, I uninstalled and reinstalled a few software modules, includes ipstatus, ip6status, and a few others.

Now, I cannot access the hotspot settings whatsoever - I get a long XML readout that starts with "No space left on device." DHCP is apparently not functioning, and the router is basically useless. I cannot install or uninstall any of the software modules.

The only thing I can do is login to the firmware and look around. Any effort to change any setting gives me "No space left on device."

I thought I could get out of this by going to firmware defaults, with the usual method. This, however, merely changed all of the settings to defaults but left me out of space - in other words, things like the SSID and access lists were defaulted, but the software modules and space remain in quagmire status.

So, as a next step I tried reflashing with the coova bin file I downloaded. No dice. Then I tried reflashing with the linksys default - it won't even do that. Nothing will work.

I cannot SSH or telnet into the router.

Is there a way out of this mess? How did all the space on the router fill and why doesn't it empty when I default the settings?

I am connected to the internet now directly to the cable modem, but I'm going to do some more investigating.

I'm really scared that I have bricked my router and I cannot afford another one. If anybody can help I would really appreciate it - I'll check back on this forum at some point but it would be even more helpful if you could call me at 845.380.8139.

Thanks - hopefully I'll figure my own way out of this mess.

Re: help!

Excellent.. glad to hear it! It would be great if you could also give a link or some simple 'this is what I did' instructions in the forum or wiki for others with similar problems. Cheers.

Re: help!

Wow. I have discovered what not to do. :-)

The device is a WRT54G 3.1.

I did indeed try holding the reset button down for 30 seconds - while the device was on, while it was off, and while turning it on. None worked.

The apparent near death encounter came when I, in an act of desperation, clicked "Erase JFFS2 partition" on the firmware upgrade page but left the firmware blank.

It was my hope that this would delete everything on the router except the firmware, but it apparently did the opposite.

The router would no longer respond normally - it booted up to a flashing power LED and did not operate DCHP and would not ping.

I assigned my computer a static IP, and at this point the router did ping.

I then grabbed a utility from Linksys that is designed to flash the wrk54g and used it to flash the original linksys firmware back on.

I then flashed coova again, and this time everything works - included shaping.


Re: help!

Check out the docs at -- try to get into fail-safe mode to telnet in. Or, try to tftp a new firmware (has to be from a LAN ethernet port, not the WAN). When I think I might have bricked my wrt54g, I have always been able to tftp the original linksys firmware and start over.

Re: help!


Thanks - hopefully I'll figure my own way out of this mess.

You don't specify your device, but have you tried the hold reset for 30seconds while powering on the device?

When you tftp, do you actually get a download, or just timeouts.
In your resets, has the IP address changed ? Can you ping the router ?
Do you get an IP at all from it's DHCP (LAN or WLAN) ?

Good luck, they are usually recoverable.